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Le 5 Stagioni "00" Fresh Pasta Flour, 1 kg

5 Stagioni

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Le 5 Stagioni "00" Fresh Pasta Flour is made of soft wheat obtained from a unique milling process that only extracts the heart of wheat grain. It has a particularly light color thanks to its low ash content making this Italian flour ideal for hand-made fresh pasta (pasta fresca) with eggs.

As the leading brand in Italy for pasta flour, 5 Stagioni is the result of careful selection of the most precious wheat to produce the highest quality flour.

  • Moisture: Max 15.5%
  • Proteins: Min 11.5% (s.s.)
  • Ashes: tipo 00 Max 0.36% (s.s.)

Get 5 Stagioni "00" Fresh Pasta Flour online from our family-owned Italian grocery store! 

Tip: Make simple, yet spectacular homemade tomato sauce for your pasta with San Marzano tomatoes, a bit of Italian extra-virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. 

About  Le 5 Stagioni 

5 Stagioni is a brand of the Agugiaro & Figna Molini company which brings the experience of two historic Italian milling families founded in the 1830s (Molino Agugiaro) and 1870s (Molino Figna). The two companies merged in 2003 to create Agugiaro & Figna Molini, which has become the leading flour producer in Italy. Through Le 5 Stagioni their mission remains the same as the company's founders in the 1800s: to bring excellent flours of the highest quality to the world market.

Ingredients: 100%  Italian soft wheat "00" fresh pasta flour

Origin: Brescia, Italy

Weight: 1 kg, 2.2 pounds

Price: $3.30