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Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana "00" Flour, 1 kg

5 Stagioni

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5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana "00" Flour, made with Italian-grown wheat, is perfect for making Neapolitan style pizza at home! Its high protein content allows the flour to maintain its gluten structure while the dough matures, resulting in an elastic dough and crisp, flavorful crust. 

  • Moisture: Max 15.5%
  • Proteins: Min 11.5% (s.s.)
  • Ashes: Type 00 max 0.55% (s.s.)

Le 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana "00" Flour was created in collaboration with the master pizzaioli chefs of the  Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (True Neapolitan Pizza Association) and offers the most complete range of flours dedicated to the use in pizzerias known all over the world.

Shop 5 Stagioni Pizza Napoletana Flour online along with San Marzano peeled tomatoes and parmigiano reggiano and serve up real Neapolitan Pizza at home.

About Le 5 Stagioni

5 Stagioni is a brand of the Agugiaro & Figna Molini company which brings the experience of two historic Italian milling families founded in the 1830s (Molino Agugiaro) and 1870s (Molino Figna). The two companies merged in 2003 to create Agugiaro & Figna Molini, which has become the leading flour producer in Italy. Through Le 5 Stagioni their mission remains the same as the company's founders in the 1800s: to bring excellent flours of the highest quality to the world market. 

Ingredients: 100% Italian type "00” Wheat flour

Origin: Italy

Weight: 1 kilo, 2.2 lbs

Price: $3.99

Customer Reviews

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Sourav Santra
Excellent "00" Flour, to much non-recyclable junk in the packing

The flor is excellent. The price is good (compared to walmart or amazon). But I would not order again unless there is promise to add so much non-recyclable junk in the packing. For 4 kg (4 packs) of flour, the box contained plastic foams more than 4 times the volume of the product. Stop this and care for the earth. There are other ways to pack.