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Amica Alfredo's Black Truffle Potato Chips, 100 g

Amica Chips

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Alfredo's Gourmet Black Truffle Potato Chips by Italian producer Amica Chips combine the best of high-quality crunchy, crispy potato chips with the refined flavor of Black Truffle. These hand-cooked Italian potato chips are flecked with ground Black Truffle to give every extra-crunchy bite gourmet satisfaction. Using premium black summer truffles sourced by Urbani Truffle, the world leader in truffles, these imported, non-GMO chips are a simple pleasure with elevated flavor.

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Ingredients: Potatoes, Sunflower Seed Oil, Salt, Maize Starch, Vegetable Fiber, Chicory, Dehydrated Black Trumpet Mushroom (Craterellus Cornucopioides), Dehydrated Truffle

Origin: Italy

Weight: 100 grams

Price: $3.99

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Fast delivery and good packaging!

These chips are packed with flavor! Fast delivery and good packaging!