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Divella Whole Cherry Tomatoes with Skin, 14.10 oz


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Divella Whole Cherry Tomatoes with Skin are vine-ripened and canned at peak freshness to bring the quality of Italian cherry tomatoes to your kitchen. Grown in Italy on non-GMO farms (like most produce in Europe), these canned cherry tomatoes are naturally sweet, juicy, and balanced in acidity, making them perfect for any recipe that relies on premium quality tomatoes.

Shop these unpeeled Divella Canned Cherry Tomatoes from our Italian grocery shop online and start whipping up your own homemade pasta sauce in minutes! Serve with Divella pasta to bring an authentic pasta Pugliese to your table. 

Since 1890, Divella has been producing Italian-grown durum what semolina pasta from the southern region of Bari, Puglia. This is where Francesco Divella made his first mill to grind wheat for pasta. Four generations later, Divella continues to be known for crafting traditional pasta and food products from the Apulian region of Italy

Ingredients: Italian cherry tomatoes with skin, tomato juice, acidity regulator: citric acid, salt.

Origin: Italy

Weight: 14.10 oz, 400 gr

Price: $2.15