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Monte Pollino Anchovies in Oil, 6 oz.

Monte Pollino

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Monte Pollino Anchovies in Oil, 6 oz. are large, firm anchovy fillets that are medium-dark in color.

These boneless, skinless anchovies from Peru are hand-packed in oil and provide a balanced, salty flavor that’s strong, but never overpowering. Monte Pollino Anchovies are a pantry staple that makes a great addition to salad dressings, pasta dishes, pizza, or on toasted bread with Italian extra-virgin olive oil.

  • All-natural
  • Preservative-free
  • Hand-packed

Monte Pollino is a family brand that represents high quality at an excellent value. 

Ingredients: Anchovy fillets, sunflower oil

Origin: Peru

Weight: 6 oz, 160 grams

Price: $4.99