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Prosciutto Di Parma Aged 18 Months, Whole Leg


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Prosciutto Di Parma Aged 18 Months, Whole Leg

Description: Prosciutto di Parma is the most popular of all prosciuttos made in Italy. This prosciutto di Parma is cured for at least 18 months in the Parma town that is in the Tuscany region of Italy. A Parma Prosciutto is a great quality prosciutto produced from pigs raised in the surrounding area of Parma in order to be stamped as an authentic Prosciutto di Parma. The valleys and characteristics of Parma give this prosciutto a balanced flavor that is not too sweet and not too salty. 

Origin: Parma, Italy

Ingredients: Cured pork, salt

Weight: 19 lbs, average

Price: $320