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Pre-Sliced Italian Meats

Get Italian-imported gourmet meats, thinly presliced for convenient serving, online! Explore pre-sliced prosciutto, salai, coppa, speck, and more.

Cured Meats & Salumi

Shop cured Italian specialty meats online like spicy, spreadable 'nduja, smoky guanciale, lean bresaola (cured beef), and all the delicious cured pork offerings like mortadella, salamis, and prosciutto.

Smoked & Cooked Meats

Cooked to perfection and seasoned with traditional Italian herbs following time-honored recipes, our cooked and smoked Italian meats like prosciutto cotto, porchetta, and Speck Alto Adige IGP make for savory sandwiches and snacks and add authentic flavor to home meals.

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Olli Salumeria
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Tempesta Artisan Salumi
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Olli Salumeria
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