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Agostino Scalia Anchovy Fillets, 25 oz.

Agostino Recca

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Agostino Scalia Anchovy Fillets, 25 oz. from Italy are boneless, skinless, firm in texture, and fresh in flavor. 

Preserved with simply salt and 100% olive oil in an easy-open tin, these Italian anchovies from Sicily make a gourmet addition to salads and dressings, enjoyed whole as a part of antipasti platters, or as a simple but flavorful seafood meal when tossed with Italian pasta cooked al-dente and a bit of extra-virgin olive oil.

A staple of Mediterannean recipes, Scalia Anchovy Fillets, 25 oz are premium-quality anchovies, packed with pure olive oil to guarantee their flavor and freshness.

Ingredients: Flat anchovy fillets, olive oil, salt

Origin: Sicily, Italy

Weight: 25 oz., 710g

Price: $39.99