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Bernardini Truffle Tapenade, 17.7 oz

Bernardini Tartufi

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Bernardi Tartufi Tartufata Truffle Sauce 17.7 oz is a savory, versatile tapenade-like sauce made from fine Italian-harvested mushrooms, summer truffles, and black olives. Add this balanced, truffle sauce to bin the luxurious, earthy flavor of summer truffles and mushrooms to pasta, risottos, meat, or vegetable dishes.

This Italian-imported black truffle tapenade makes an excellent appetizer when spooned atop rustic bread and accompanied with gourmet cheeses.

Imported Italian Truffle Sauce

The Bernardini Tartufi company was born in the early 1990s, inspired by the family's patriarch who, after hunting for truffles from a child to adulthood in the truffle-rich region of Acqualagna, passed his truffle foraging expertise on to Maurizio. This passion grew into the Bernardini Tartufi company where Maurizio and his family follow in his grandfather's footsteps to provide the world with renowned truffle products.

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Note: Avoid overcooking or overheating this sauce to avoid diminishing its delicate truffle flavor

Ingredients: Mushrooms 58%, sunflower oil, summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt.) 5%, black olives, salt, flavorings, aromatic plants, stabilizer: ferrous gluconate.

Origin: Acqualagna, Italy

Weight: 17.7 oz, 500 gr

Price: $32.00 each