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Eus Sicilian Grey Mullet Bottarga, 3.5 oz


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Our Sicilian Grey Mullet Bottarga Roe, made from 100% salted, pressed, and dried grey mullet roe, is a favorite in the South of Italy, especially in Sicily and Sardegna where seafood is a regional treasure. Of the various types of cured fish roe, bottarga made from grey mullet is prized thanks to its milder, less fishy, but still flavorful profile. This Italian imported bottarga yields a salty, subtly fishy flavor that is often compared to the taste of caviar.

Considered a delicacy throughout many parts of the world, this preserved fish roe imparts an exquisite savory flavor when grated over artisan pasta, vegetables, soups, grain dishes, and more, making it a gourmet pantry staple.

While delicious when grated, our cured Sicilian mullet bottarga can also be enjoyed thinly sliced with a splash of lemon and extra virgin olive oil to savor the richness and depth of flavor of this luxurious dish. 

Shop Sicilian Mullet Bottarga imported from Italy online to add rich umami flavor to your favorite savory recipes all year long.

Origin: Italy

Weight: 3.5 oz, 100 g

Price: $23.50

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beatrice basso

most precious, versatile delicacy - at a fair price