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Pecorino Primo Sale With Pistachios, Pound Cut

I Silciliani

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Pecorino Primo Sale With Pistachios sliced by the pound to order joins a treasured Sicilian ingredient-- pistachios-- with a cheese primarily made on the island of Sicily-- primo sale, meaning "first salt." Primo sale pecorino is an artisanal sheep's milk cheese with a much shorter maturation period than most sheep's milk cheeses, resulting in a delicate flavor and softer, creamier texture.

Our Pecorino Primo Sale from Sicily is combined with pistachios harvested in the region to add a satisfying crunch and nutty flavor.


How to Enjoy Primo Sale 

Savor the salty, distinct sheep's milk flavor of semi-soft Pecorino Primo Sale With Pistachios on its own served with fresh bread, alongside an affettati selection of Italian meats, or add to recipes like baked pasta dishes, parmigiana di melanzane, stuffed bell peppers, and more.


Primo Sale Varieties

Taste the range of pecorino primo sale flavors from our Italian market online, including:

Origin: Sicily, Italy

Weight: 1 lbs, 453.5 g

Price: $13.49 /pound



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Anna Maccaronio

prodotti freschissimi , lo consiglio !!!