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Montasio Mezzano Cheese, Pound Cut

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Montasio Mezzano Cheese

Description: Montasio is another great addition to our selection of cheese from northern Italy. The roots of Montasio go all the way back to Benedictine monasteries from the 13th century. Montasio Mezzano Cheese is produced in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto. Montasio Mezzano is aged from 5 to 10 months and its consistency is grainy and crumbly. This semi-hard cheese has a rich flavor that is mostly used for sandwiches and shaved on pasta dishes. Montasio Mezzano is also great as a snack, eaten by itself, or with fresh fruit.

Ingredients: Cow's milk Origin:

Friuli and Veneto, Italy

Weight: 1 pound

Price: $15.00 / lb