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Recla Whole Alto Adige Speck IGP, 5 lbs (2.26kg)


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Recla Whole Alto Adige Speck IGP, 5 lbs is a traditional northern Italian smoked meat from the Alto Adige region. This master-butchered cut of pork is seasoned with a family blend of rock salt, sea salt, pickling salt, pepper, juniper berries, various herbs, and a hint of allspice.

Recla's IGP speck from Italy is cured for a minimum of 22 weeks in the mountain air of the Vinschgau Valley and cold smoked with beechwood for a refined, delicate aroma.


How to Cut Speck IGP

1. Cut a thick slice you're going to use

2. Either leave the skin on for cooking, or remove the skin to enjoy in its pure cured form

3. Optionally, remove the crust of salt and spices

4. Cut the spec into fine sticks (or lardons)

5. Serve and enjoy the smokey, delightful flavor of authentic Italian speck IGP


About Recla

The production of cured meats represents an ancient tradition, passed down from generation to generation: the history of the Recla family began in 1620.


Origin: Trentino, Alto Adige, Italy

Weight:  5 pounds, 2.26kg

Price: $89.99