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Sagra Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 3 liters, (101.4 fl oz)


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Sagra Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold-pressed, all-natural extra virgin olive oil from Italy, made from olives sourced throughout the Mediterranean region of the European Union, with the majority being Italian-grown.

This 3 liter tin of Sagra Extra Virgin Olive Oil is smooth and balanced with a delicate fruit flavor and low acid profile, making it widely versatile in the kitchen for sauteeing, baking, using for marinades, dressings, dips, sauces, and as a finishing oil.

The easy pour spout of this 3 liter Sagra Extra Virgin Olive Oil makes using this premium extra virgin olive oil easy and helps keeps your kitchen clean. 

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Ingredients: Extra virgin olive oil 

Origin: Italy

Weight: 3 liters (101.4 fl oz)

Price: $38.99 each