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Silano Asiago Fresco DOP Cheese, Pound Cut


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Silano Asiago Fresco DOP is a masterpiece semi soft cheese from the Northeastern region of Italy in Veneto. The DOP mark of this Asiago Fresco cheese ensures producers follow all the required guidelines to create an Asiago that preserves the tradition of centuries of local production. Due to its short aging period (roughly one month) Asiago Fresco is characterized by a soft texture and a milky flavor. The rind is white in color and soft in texture, while the cheese inside is characterized by small to medium sized holes.

Asiago Fresco DOP melts in your mouth and its delicate flavor makes it ideal for sauces, ravioli fillings, and sandwiches.

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Ingredients: Asiago Fresco DOP made with Cow's Milk

Weight: 1 pound

Origin: Veneto, Italy.

Price: $14.99/ lb