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Silano Ricotta Salata Toscanella, Pound Cut


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Silano Ricotta Salata Toscanella is a classic cheese from Southern Italy, largely used in many Sicilian specialties such as Pasta alla Norma and Cannelloni. Unlike soft ricotta, ricotta salata is firmer and can be grated. Ricotta salata is aged for a minimum of 30 days. The aging starts after coarse salt is added to the re-heated whey proteins of sheep’s milk, which separate from the curd after the milk is heated for the first time. The result is a low-calorie dairy product ideal for calorie control and low cholesterol diets. The salty flavor of ricotta salata makes it a great addition to almost any dish that needs a little boost in flavor.

Weight: 1 pound

Ingredients: Sheep's Milk.

Origin: Italy

Price: $6.70/Lb