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Urbani Truffles Black Truffle Carpaccio, 6.34 oz

Urbani Truffles

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Urbani Truffles Black Truffle Carpaccio, 6.34 oz features thinly sliced summer truffles from Italy, preserved in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

These shaved black truffles are ready to add to your favorite dishes for a touch of luxury and unforgettable truffle flavor. 

Our naturally preserved shaved black truffles from renowned purveyor Urbani Truffles allow you to enjoy the pleasure of black truffles from Italy year, round.


Ingredients:  Bagnoli black truffle sliced (Tuber Mesenntericum Vitt) 50%, extra virgin olive oil, salt & aromas. 

Origin: Umbra, Italy

Weight: 6.34 oz, 180 gr

Price: $52.99 each