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Italian Easter Dinner Ideas

What is served at a traditional Italian Easter dinner varies by region and families. Without a doubt, lamb is most often enjoyed as a main course with spring vegetables, cured meats and cheeses, and of course breads of all kinds. Try some traditional Italian selections as well as some American-inspired recipes for your Easter holiday!


Gubana Easter Bread

Gubana Italian Easter Recipe

Sweet, cake-like Gubana bread is often enjoyed with an Easter meal in Friuli, the the north of Italy. This bread is packed with nuts, raisins, apricot marmalade, cocoa, candied orange peel, and wine or grappa.

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Salami and Eggs

Fellata di Pasqua salame

A humble but decadent dish served for Easter in Italy as a starter is salame e uova sode (salami and boiled eggs), commonly called fellata di pasqua. Eggs symbolize rebirth and the salami represents the bounty of the farmers who put the salami on the table.


Italian artichokes online

Stuffed, braised or fried, enjoyed as an antipasto or as a part of a dish, artichokes are a springtime favorite and a common feature of the Italian Easter meal.


Italian-American recipes to bring some new flavors to the table are below.

Spring Risotto

Italian Easter Risotto

Feeds 4-6

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Pea and Prosciutto Salad

Prosciutto and Pea Salad

Feeds 4

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