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Ambrosia Candied Orange Peel Strips, 1 lb


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Ambrosia Candied Orange Peel Strips are made with 100% all-natural Italian orange peels candied with sugar to preserve the bright, citrus flavor of this delicious fruit without artificial additives.

Shop these tangy, sweet, bitter-yet-balanced Italian glazed orange peel strips online for baking and decorating desserts, garnishing cocktails, or even enjoying with aged cheeses.

Our Authentic Italian Candied Lemon Peel Strips are perfect for traditional treats like panettone, pand'oro, panforte, as a topping for panna cotta, or dipping in dark chocolate as a holiday gift.

Origin: Italy

Ingredients: Orange Peel Strip, Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Citric Acid,

Weight: 1 lb

Price: 8.45