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Negroni Culatello Di Zibello DOP, Whole Trimmed, 6 lbs (avg)


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Negroni Culatello Di Zibello DOP is a six-pound, Italian-imported Culatello Di Zibello DOP, processed entirely by hand, dried, and cured in the Villa Gambara cellars near Florence where it ages to perfection.

This Culatello Di Zibello DOP is made to the exacting standards set in place by the Parma Institute of Quality to guarantee quality, excellence, and authenticity. The "DOP" distinction, which translates to Denominazione di Origine Protetta in Italian, or Protected Designation of Origin in English is a certification that ensures that a product is locally made and packaged in the regional area where it claims to be from.

For the Negroni company, which has become among the most famous charcuterie producer in Italy, the production of Culatello di Zibello is considered their masterpiece product and represents their highest expression of excellence. Since the company's founding in 1907, owner Pietro Negroni's philosophy has always been "love and passion for quality."

Origin: Parma, Italy

Weight: 6 pounds

Ingredients: pork leg, salt, pepper, natural pork casing

Price: $390.00