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Piave Vecchio DOP Cheese, 1 lb (453.5g) - Cut to Order

Gusto Grocery

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Piave Vecchio DOP cheese, 1 lb. is an aged, hard cheese produced using milk exclusively from the Belluno region in Northern Italy.

Piave Vecchio DOP cheese offers an intense and fruity flavor. Aged for at least six months, this cow's milk cheese develops aromatic notes that are not present in younger versions of Piave.


Pair our one-pound cut of Piave Vecchio DOP sliced from the wheel with honey and red wines like Pinot Nero and Merlot. In the kitchen, Piave is often used for risottos, fondues, and as a polenta topping.

Ingredients: Piave Vecchio DOP Cheese made from cow's milk

Weight: 1 lb (453.5g)

Origin: Veneto, Italy

Price: $17.99