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Piave Vecchio DOP Cheese, Pound Cut

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Piave Vecchio DOP Cheese

Description: Produced using milk exclusively from the region on Belluno (in northern Veneto) Piave Vecchio is a pride of Northern Italy. The area has such an intense character and history that somehow transferred into this cheese, which presents an intense and fruity flavor. Piave Vecchio is aged for at least six months and shows aromatic notes that are not present in younger versions of Piave. The most popular pairings of Piave Vecchio are with chestnut honey and structured wines such as Pinot Nero and Merlot. In the kitchen, Piave is often used for risottos, fondues, and as a polenta topping.

Ingredients: Cow's milk.

Weight: 1 pound 

Origin: Veneto, Italy

Price: $17.00 / lb