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Dried Italian Pasta

 Pasta secca

Italian imported dried pasta

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What is the best brand of dried pasta?

As Italians who import pasta from Italy for a living, our American friends are always asking us, “What is the best Italian pasta brand?” The answer is most certainly contentious among Italians, with regional preferences and loyalty to a certain Italian pastificio (pasta producer) sometimes being passed along by the family one lives in.

  • Those from the Apulian region of Italy (near the boot heel) may prefer Divella brand pasta made in that area
  • Closer to Naples where Rummo Pasta is produced, one may find the Rummo brand of Italian pasta to be a household favorite. We’re partial to most any pasta, but this brand of Italian-imported pasta is our favorite that we eat at home.
  • Further north in Camerino, the region’s namesake brand, Pasta di Camerino, who specializes in egg-based Italian pasta is commonly enjoyed.

Of course, the best Italian pasta brand according to Italians also comes down to personal preference, and the type of sauce being prepared to eat with the pasta. Which brings us to another question…

Should I buy Italian egg pasta or Italian semola (wheat) pasta for my dish?

Italian Wheat Pasta and Sauces

For instance, an Amatriciana sauce (made with guanciale, pecorino cheese, and pureed tomato) is traditionally enjoyed with bucatini, a long cut of pasta made dried semolina wheat characterized by its hollow center. Pesto alla Genovese on the other hand is typically is served with trofie, a hand-rolled dry pasta made specifically to incorporate as much delicious pesto in every bite.

Italian Egg Pasta and Sauces

The dense, flaky texture of Italian egg pasta made makes it perfect for thicker, decadent sauces usually enjoyed in the winter. Pappardelle is made from egg-based dough, cut into a broad ribbon shape, and dried into nests. Egg-based pastas like pappardelle make an excellent base for sauces like a rich Bolognese.


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