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Tutto Calabria

For over 50 years, Tutto Calabria has been farming Calabrian chili peppers in Southern Calabria where the Celli family produces Calabrian chili paste, pepper spreads, stuffed Calabrian chili peppers, olive oils, and much more. Tutto Calabria is dedicated to bringing the richness of Calabrian gastronomy through their high-quality Italian specialty foods.

At Gusto Grocery, we’re proud to be your Italian grocery store online where you can buy Tutto Calabria crushed chili pepper spread, Calabrian chili paste, stuffed chili peppers, and chili-infused olive oil online.

How Spicy Are Calabrian Chili Peppers?

The beauty of Calabrian chili peppers grown in Italy is they are rich in flavor, fruity, and moderately spicy, so they can be enjoyed whole without having to take out the spicy seeds. Chili peppers from Calabria range on the Scoville Scale between 25,000 and 40,000 Scoville Heat Units, making them milder chili peppers compared to other peppers. Their flavor, medium-spicy heat, and bright red color make Tutto Calabria chili pepper products perfectly enjoyed with pasta, pizza, eggs, omelets, on sandwiches, and with vegetables and meats.

Tutto Calabria
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