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Pasta, Rice, & Gnocchi

 Pasta, Riso, Polenta, e Gnocchi

Italian pasta, Italian rice, Italian gnocchi


Stock up on pantry staples made from non-GMO, Italian-harvested wheat and rice for nutritious, authentic Italian meals at home.

Imported Italian Pasta

From Pasta Rummo dry semolina pasta and egg pasta bronze-die cast into shapes for every sauce, to gluten-free and fresh ravioli filled with gourmet flavors, the best pasta brands from Italy are all here.

Imported Italian Rice & Polenta

Carnaroli, arborio, and one-pot rice dishes make for perfect risotto, or simple meals anytime. Shop trusted Italian brands like Tiberino and Riso Scotti at our Italian market online.

Fresh Imported Italian Gnocchi

Tender, Italian-made potato gnocchi crafted following traditional recipes. Try gourmet flavor from Mamma Emma and gluten-free varieties as well.


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